of the better monster movies of my lifetime, the Korean film The Host is going to be getting a sequel. Sadly, the movie won’t feature director Bong Joon-ho.

The Host came and sadly went in the United States a couple of months back, but those who did get to see it know that a huge part of the film’s joy is the breakneck tonal changes – The Host is everything from a creepy horror film to a slacker comedy to a family tearjerker to a military thriller, and it’s not afraid to bounce back and forth between those elements almost willy-nilly.

That kind of tonal juggling is a signature of Bong Joon-ho, so I wouldn’t imagine that the sequel would be the same sort of film. The fact that there’s a sequel isn’t that surprising – The Host broke Korean box office records. And I somehow suspect that even a cash-in sequel will be a better film than the impending (and sure to miss the point) American remake.

You can pre-order the two-disc collectors edition of The Host, which is hitting American stores on July 24, by clicking here.