Freaks is an amazing movie, Tod Browning’s best (including Dracula). Over the years it has evolved from a taboo curiosity and in-crowd fave to an accepted classic and I couldn’t be happier. Take aside the oddities that comprise the film’s main visceral impulse. It’s a great movie regardless. Weird and creepy and hauntingly romantic. And there’s so many different edits of the films out there in the ether the thing screams for a massive revival.

Artist Gail Potocki has just unleashed a series of portraits of several of the man characters in the old masters’ style and they are absolutely stunning. Series one consists of 5 beautiful signed and limited cards and are available HERE.

We’re going to be bumping up coverage of stuff like there here, but either way this is awesome and tasteful magic right here.

It makes on long for this (fake art, sadly):

Source: Dangerous Minds