I’m on my way back from a week of game-related events- two long
trips to places far away from home to play video games and hang out with journalists from around the world. I got extensive playtime with two games that are months away from release, flying and sleeping and drinking on someone else’s tab. Not a bad way to spend a week, but I’m aching to see home, my fiancee, and my friends.

One game I’ve already talked about. Dead Space. Monday morning my article
will go up that details the incredible time I had with the game, and
why you’ll be wanting to buy that sucker come Halloween. You really, really will. This is going to be a huge game for EA, which is great, because it’ll show them that the market for original titles is there. Not to say there (probably) won’t be Dead Space 2, but…

The second one that I spent a day with yesterday is under embargo, but on August 20th you’ll read about what I saw.

The best part about these community days really is the chance to be able to see behind the scenes in a game’s development. There’s something incredibly cool about seeing the games in an unfinished state, especially if they already show promise. The people attending are really the eyes and the ears of the consumers, and the developers take their opinions and advice to heart. I’ve heard of countless times that journalists influenced games for the better- the most glaring example being EA’s complete overhaul and delay of Army of Two.

I’m lucky, though, that the games I’ve checked out so far have ranged from good to great…. and that the people at these things tend to be some of the most laid-back, personable ones around.

Anyway, let me stop before I get too mushy. One hour of sleep and two flights on the way.