Are we this desperate for rebooted properties?  Do we really need to resort to Smurf-ing The Brave Little Toaster and Born Free?  Apparently so.

Waterman Entertainment has been snagging the rights to as many family properties as it can get its hands on.  These are the people responsible for unleashing the Alvin and the Chipmunks film franchise upon humanity.  They are also the people who have just optioned the original Toaster novel and Born Free: The Story of Elsa the Lion.  Both will be turned into live action/CGI-hybrid films for family consumption…this time with iPhones!  I truly wish that bit of snark at the end was a joke.

Now excuse me while I beg Cthulhu to make sure these hit screens before my children are old enough to start caring about such films….and to help me (foolishly) attempt to preemptively condition them to know better.

Source | TheWrap