an unsourced article, Coming Soon is claiming that Tim Burton has dropped off of the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not movie he was to direct with Jim Carrey playing a young and adventuring version of the purveyor of popular trivia and curiosities. According to the site Paramount is currently searching for a new director.

The project’s been far from easygoing to date; it was another Carrey film, like Used Men, where the studio balked at the budget. The movie was pushed back until next year to give time for a rewrite that might bring the budget into a realm where actually making a profit was plausible.

If Coming Soon has their facts straight, this could very well be confirmed before Comic Con (which is now the major news nexus for the summer). Tim Burton leaving could kill the project… or Paramount could just find themselves a new director who will make the movie cheaply and generically. Of course that’s bad news for Carrey, who’s been on a perceived slow down over the last few years, and would rather have a known and proven quantity like Tim Burton in charge.