all about fanboy wishes this morn, here’s another one we’ll briefly indulge. It
wasn’t so long ago that fanboy casting for a Watchmen film ran rampant
and in completely different directions than the most recent rumblings of Jackie
Earle Haley, Jason Patric, and Patric Patrick Wilson. Wilson seems almost a lock for the role of Daniel
Drieberg/Nite Owl, but there’s another guy who certainly wouldn’t mind
snatching it from him, it seems. That man’s name is Cusack.

No, not
Joey (Seriously. His facility for bone-breaking and maiming makes him a wee bit
overqualified, no?). I’m talking John Cusack. In fact, Cusack had been
previously “attached” to the role a few years back due to an AintitCool notice
that shockingly proved to be untrue. Still, the guy was and is a solid choice
to most, myself included. Hell, himself
included! But Cusack, as you should be as well, is taking this all with a grain
of salt and a fairly classy attitude. During an MTV interview, he mused “So, the people on the internet want me to do
it? I haven’t read the script nor have I ever met Mr. Snyder. We have to talk
to talk to Zack’s representatives. [But] I’m in. Talk to Zack

Wilson vs. Cusack? While a great concept
for perhaps a dueling gay assassins slapstick comedy, it also is a legitimate
question as to who would serve the character and film best. Personally, I
always thought Wilson
was a bit pretty and athletic for the role as written in the comic. Drieberg is
a schlub who’s let himself go physically a bit, and Cusack is physically closer
to that model. However, there’s no guarantee that director Zack Snyder is
treating the physical appearance of any of the characters as canon, and indeed
he may – either at his whim or at the insistence of the studio – be skewing for
slightly more fit celluloid versions. Or perhaps Wilson is prepared to send his chiseled
physique into the bender for the role. Regardless, either guy has the dramatic
chops to pull this off, but I think if the role isn’t already cast with Wilson, it’s 90 percent
there. Still, this is Hollywood,
and until shooting starts with announced people on set, anything could change
just that quickly.

You may
want to head over to the MTV Movies Blog where they have video of the whole
exchange with Cusack while we can still fantasy cast.