case the other Warner Bros comic book movie news the last few days hasn’t been enough for you, now FilmIck is claiming that they know what role Anthony Michael Hall is playing in The Dark Knight: Edward Nygma.

That silly name is the civilian ID of none other than The Riddler. Could this mean that Christopher Nolan is going to be remaking Batman Forever by having Two Face and The Riddler as the villains in the third film? Somehow I find myself doubting this, and the veracity of the rumor at all. What seems more realistic is a rumor that was going around that had Anthony Michael Hall playing a copycat vigilante who runs very afoul of The Joker. That character was in the story treatment I became aware of last summer, and it seems like a role in which I can believe Hall, as opposed to being one of the leads in the next film.

The scooper also tells FilmIck that Jason Bard, a minor character from Detective Comics, is going to be in the movie, investigating how the Scarecrow’s chemicals have become a big street drug in Gotham. If the scooper is correct about both items, The Dark Knight will be one damn busy movie, with The Joker, Harvey Dent becoming Two Face, Edward Nygma showing up, and a subplot involving drugs. And that’s not counting the second act explanation of the Batpod and new Batsuit plus Rachel Dawes getting into more trouble PLUS more mob stuff. Then again, the Batman films have never been the model of streamlined cinema… we’ll know something for sure by Comic Con, I hazard.