How will Batman wreak massive structural damage on the city he’s sworn to protect in The Dark Knight? What will he ride in when he puts the lives of innocent civilians in immediate danger during a poorly thought-out chase? A weird motorcycle, it seems.

Called The Batpod, the bike has two massive wheels which have the bike’s engines in the middle of them. It’s steered by shoulder, as Batman puts his arms into two shielding sleeves. And he lays down on the big tank that makes up the actual body of the bike. The Batpod also has machine guns, fitting in with Batman’s strict no gun policy, grappling hooks and cannons. There have been six Batpods built, but only one guy has ever taken one for a spin, Jean-Pierre Goy, a stunt driver who has spent a couple of months practicing.

Looking at the pictures that have been released I find myself truly concerned about how Batman’s cape works with this whole unit. What a finale for the movie if Batman is chasing the Joker through the streets of Gotham, showing a complete lack of concern for human life that exemplifies his ‘no killing’ rule, and then gets Isadora Duncan-ed by his own bad fashion sense.