StarfleetMaybe you’ve forgotten, but Star Trek 11 is still alive and kicking over at Paramount. In what feels like a long time (in internet chronology) since any major announcement or noteworthy rumor-speculation, even updates on the upcoming film get their own story. Consider:

IESB is reporting a few bullet points on the upcoming "may or may not be a reboot" resuscitation of the franchise Time got tired of. Only a few people know any details of the plot or the next Trek installment’s grand designs, which obviously includes screenwriter Robert Orci (who’s written for Star Trek 11 director JJ Abrams via Alias)- and you know he’s not talking. Still, he dropped a couple points of interest for those starved of Star Trek 11 news. Behold the somewhat anticlimactic bits gleaned from a recent Transformers Q & A:

Star Trek 11, still in the midst of casting, will officially start shooting in November. Since significant casting decisions are going to be made soon, all you lucky suckers attending Comic-Con in hot and dry San Diego next month will hear the news firsthand.

And that’s it. News is- News is coming! Plans are afoot for a more intimate interview with Robert Orci in the coming hours. We’ll update this story with anything worth noting.