Cinematical has a link up that points to a Flickr account holding eight photos of hot man on the street action that should get Batman detail obsessives foaming and speculating until the next similar photos surface. The location: Chicago, where The Dark Knight will be shooting for the next few weeks. The subjects: Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart. The action: wardrobe, prop and hair primping and…walking.

The most notable details to be gleaned from the photos are: Rachel Dawes’ look isn’t much different, excepting the obvious fact that she’s traded up, facially, and Harvey Dent’s tie. As someone pointed out in the Flickr comments, Dent’s tie carries a very Joker-ish shade of purple. Feel free to speculate on the connotations of that.

I wonder if we might have seen a few more revealing shots if that guy in the third photo of Aaron Eckhart hadn’t obviously spotted the photographer.