The modern Western tends to be a sweeping, poetic epic – the
genre is not commercially viable, so when people make Westerns they make them
with the most artistic of intentions. Which is too bad, because the Western is
a fun genre, one that lends itself to action and exciting gunplay. Sure, the best of the genre has something going on beyond high noon shootouts and horseback chases, but there’s nothing shameful about those elements.

Seeing a lot of that action and exciting gunplay in the
trailer for the remake of 3:10 to Yuma has me pumped; James Mangold may have
made a movie that’s a meditation on any of the big Western themes – loss,
honor, change, vengeance – but if the two minutes and twenty nine seconds on
display here are any indication, he’s also filled it with tough guys and flying
lead. And once again Christian Bale doesn’t smile. 

Click here to see the trailer in your choice of Barely
Watchable and High Definition. 3:10
Yuma is coming out on October 5.