Count me among the surprised that not only has Dredd 3D been garnering positive reviews, they have been, so far, wildly positive reviews. Everything from the level of gore to the photography to Karl Urban’s straightforward performance have been praised, and I’m excited to see the film ASAP. I would imagine the same goes for most of you.

To celebrate this coming geek sleeper-hit, we’re pleased to join with Lionsgate to give away some DREDDful stuff!

We’ve got two prize packages- both include a T-shirt and a poster for the film, with the grand prize also including an action-movie prize pack. You’ll just have to consider that a mystery gift, as I’m not sure what 3 DVDs you’ll be getting. With films like Crank, The Bank Job, Rambo, Punisher: War Zone, Kick-Ass, and The Expendables among the Lionsgate action catalogue, odds are you’re going to get something that will kick your face off.

So how does a chewer win such a prize pack?

Simple: One prize pack I’ll be giving away to someone who has shared this article on Facebook, and one I’ll be giving to someone who retweets the article on twitter, making sure the #Dredd3D hashtag is in there. To make it easy, you can copy and paste this:

Retweet to WIN some DREDDful prize from @CHUDdotcom & @LionsgateMovies! #DREDD3d

You’ve got the weekend to accomplish this, and I’ll be picking the tweet and Facebook share that most closely align to two random times I pick out (so yeah, tweet/share it as much as you’d like). You can look for me to tweet winners on Sunday.