In my heart of hearts, Fischer Stevens will always be Indian inventor Ben Jahrvi – creator of Johnny Five and star of the Short Circuit films. So I was surprised to see him taking home a Best Documentary Feature Oscar for The Cove in 2010. Turns out Iggy from Super Mario Bros. is a filmmaker; and a decent one to boot.

So consider my interest piqued with this trailer for Stand Up Guys. Stevens directs Al Pacino as Val, an ex-con newly sprung from the joint after thirty-some years. Turns out someone wants him whacked, a task that befalls his best friend Doc (Christopher Walken). Together with their friend Hirsch (Alan Arkin), the three men embark upon one more night on the town before Val’s number is up. While Johnny Five doesn’t make an appearance in this trailer, I’d like to believe he at least visited Stevens on-set:

Source: Yahoo