I only just saw Brick recently. I’m embarrased about that, but also relatively OK with my lateness, because it’s one of those movies that’s so good I actually get a little angry. How dare some kid show up and mix all these elements together so they make perfect sense? As someone who writes the occasional film, Brick is both inspiring and maddening.

Now, with my ever so powerful hindsight, I’m getting around to being surprised about the same thing everyone else who saw the movie has been surprised and happy about for a couple years: that we haven’t seen a load of copycat high school thrillers. Sure, there have been films that vaguely fit the pattern, but nothing that was obviously from the same mold.

This is where Don LaFontaine pokes his head in to say: Until now.

The Sophomore is, according to The Hollywood Reporter, a teen reworking of Chinatown, with Mischa Barton as the most popular girl in school. "She persuades a sophomore reporter to investigate the theft of SAT exams, but after he reveals that the school’s president and top jock are responsible, a more sinister conspiracy emerges," claims the trade, and I don’t argue with trades. It’s not drugs, but the SATs do carry a lot of weight in high school.

Bruce Willis will be taking on the evil principal role and his spawn Rumer Willis, last seen in Hostage, will be appearing as well. Music video director Brett Simon will be calling the shots and, if I had to hazard a guess, probably moving the camera a lot. It’s his feature debut, and writers Tim Calpin and Kevin Jakubowski will be getting their first big glowing credit as well.