Some web sites really want to get you excited. Sometimes they’ll have a headline with an exclamation mark. Others will really be super jazzed and use three exclamation marks in a row!!! The excitement is palpable and a brain aneurysm is sure to follow. Not every article deserves punctuation. In fact, some articles barely warrant the time it takes to consider thinking about looking towards the computer, let alone mouse moves and clicks.

This is one of those articles. Behold: the poster for Sinister, the latest found footage horror [though not entirely] film from a director with some pedigree. Mr. Scott Derrickson. And hey, Vincent D’Onofrio and Ethan Hawke are totally in this movie. And hey, the villain character looks a lot like a goth version of Jack White. More after the image:

The official site’s here. Doesn’t look all that bad, actually.