Entertainment Weekly that hits the stands tomorrow has a picture of the new Batman suit from The Dark Knight (corporate synergy – Warner Bros owns both!), and someone has scanned the page in and sent it to Superhero Hype!.

You can see the image to the left here – to see what those numbers are referring to, visit Superhero Hype! for the whole page – and my first thought is… will blue lights run through all those divots and rivulets in Batman’s suit? This looks like cyber Batman to me, and the Batsymbol seems now more than ever to get lost in the business of the design. This suit looks like it belongs in a futuristic shoot em up game, not in a superhero movie.

But then again you know that I’m the negative nancy when it comes to this franchise. I will be fair and say that the new neck flexibility (finally!) is promising. Let’s see if it allows Christian Bale to do more scenes in the suit without looking like he’s in traction.