STUDIO: Lightyear Video
MSRP: $19.98
RATED: Unrated
RUNNING TIME: 95 minutes
Behind the scenes photos
Blooper reel
Commentary by the director and star
Theatrical trailer

The Pitch

It’s Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid for a new generation.

The Humans

Matt Nelson, Tara Cardinal, Kevin James O’Neill and Melissa Gruver

The Nutshell

Montgomery Goth is cursed in life. He’s overweight, he’s stuck at his job as a pizza delivery man, he has a hideous neckbeard, the customers suck and don’t tip, his car is a piece of junk, his father committed suicide when he was a child, his boss absolutely hates him, he hasn’t seen his toes in twenty years, he’s at a higher risk for developing diabetes, girls run from him and he has an awful name. Life delights on shitting upon Monty’s head at every single opportunity and he does nothing but take it.

Using the Easy Bake Oven in the rain probably wasn’t the best of decisions.

Why keep going on when your life is this bad? Who knows, but Monty takes his lumps and keeps on moving. It looks like his patience might finally pay off with a reward after he encounters a cute girl who seems to have a thing for the burly types. She provides the only beacon of light in Monty’s depressing world. Of course, life hates Monty with a passion, so circumstances conspire to separate Monty from his new lady love. Once that happens, there’s nothing that can stop this homicidal hefty man from exacting brutal revenge on everyone who has ever crossed him.

The Lowdown

Your enjoyment of Delivery will depend entirely on how much punishment you can stand to watch. If seeing Ben Stiller make an ass of himself in the Meet the Parents films fills you with glee, you’ll laugh even harder at a fat man getting lambasted by every Tom, Dick and Harry on the planet. If seeing people constantly failing makes you cringe and look away from the screen, Delivery will just be an intensely uncomfortable experience that makes you feel bad inside.

The ball is back!

Some people are just crazy loners for a reason – they’re crazy and insufferable. The inevitable point where Monty goes from getting shit upon to murdering assholes isn’t as satisfying as it should be because he’s really not that likable of a guy. If he were a guy who tried his very best to improve his situation and still failed due to bad luck, it would be a different story. Monty is a guy living in a terrible situation because he made it for himself. He never even attempts to improve his life or turn things around. His murderous rampage isn’t a fun payoff because it feels like he hasn’t really earned the right to be this mad about his life.

The killing portion of the movie is also quite unsatisfying due to budgetary restraints. The movie was made for less than 6000 bucks, so it’s not like they can afford to hire KNB. That said, if you can’t afford the money to make certain effects look anything less than laughable, perhaps you should scratch the scene and approach it from a different angle. An electrocution scene is so awful in execution that the director can’t even bear to watch it again during the commentary session. Not only does the scene look bad, but it doesn’t even fit into a crazy fat person killing spree. Eighty minutes into the movie he spontaneously morphs into Macgyver and can rig car batteries for death?

I can’t drive 5.

Delivery is a noble effort given how cheaply it was made and the relative inexperience of those involved. With its success in horror film festivals, perhaps the filkmakers can get more funding to build upon this foundation and make some truly great films in the genre. Until then, Delivery isn’t really worth a viewing to crowds already well acquainted with thousands of similar “guy goes nutzoid” features like Silent Night, Deadly Night. One day, someone might be able to point back at this movie as the one that launched the career of someone famous within the genre, but that will be its only real significance – a footnote of filmmaking instead of a film worth watching.

The Package

The real meat of the special features is a commentary track with director Jose Cassella and star Matt Nelson. It’s an interesting listen for anyone who cares about low budget filmmaking. Jose and Matt are very candid about what did and didn’t work in the film and how they ultimately had to compromise on many things due to budget constraints. Far from the dour and creepy character he plays, Matt is an upbeat and charming fellow who’s fun to listen to. The film probably would have been a lot more fun if Monty were a lot more like the actor who plays him.

Eh, it’s no worse than your average pizza from Dominos.

Also included in the extras are a blooper reel and behind the scenes photos. The blooper reel is one of those throw-away features that doesn’t really warrant a viewing unless you find the idea of actors flubbing lines to be hilarious. There is an interesting part towards the end where an effect goes wrong and catches the lead actor on fire for a few seconds. The behind the scenes photos automatically scroll and are presented without any sound in the background. There are some interesting shots in there that didn’t make the cut in the original film and make this feature worth a quick look.

Overall: 4.5 out of 10