This is what happens when you make too many movies in a series in too short of a span. Apathy.

On Stranger Tides was a puff of gas. And the two films that preceded it did a lot of work towards losing the magic of the amazing first film. Even while wrangling billions of dollars from a willing audience.

Now they threaten a new one and /Film reports it may be shooting in Puerto Rico for the first time ever. That’s a load off for me because the thing that was really taking me out of the movies was the fact it felt like they were always shooting in Hawaii. Whew!

Yes this is barely newsworthy. But consider where the franchise is at this date and time. They’re still colossal financial successes. They still have Johnny Depp in the best role of his career [aside from Nick of Time]. They still have a wide open book of mythology. But the clock is ticking. There’s really no more room for mediocrity. What if they trim the fat and really fuck some magic into the franchise?

We’ll see. Just know that there’s probably some Sparrow coming your way by 2015.