I can almost hear the theme from Fulci’s Zombie playing.

I’m a big fan of both Cabin Fever films that are currently out, and even though Ti West wanted his name off of the second one, it is my favorite film of his.

I brought the news some time ago that there were going to be 2 more Cabin Fever films made back to back.

Now the third one, subtitled Patient Zero, is gearing up to start filming next month in The Dominican Republic. Who’s in the cast? A bunch of people I don’t know, and then there’s SEAN ASTIN and Mitch Ryan.

The third one is about a bachelor party (too bad Deputy Winston isn’t in this one, he’d have a lot of fun on this cruise ship.) on a cruise ship in the Caribbean that runs ashore on an island that is being used for medical research on a deadly flesh eating virus. Sean Astin is the mad scientist on the island. I wonder if Mitch Ryan is going to be the Captain of the cruise ship?

Either way, new Cabin Fever film. I hope it’s as crazy as the last 2 films. Just on an island.

source: Bloody-Disgusting