’re gearing up to restart the Podcast Train in a big way, but this caboose don’t exactly run on coal. It’s powered by your input, specifically your voicemails. Our last full installment was full of us enjoying your rambling, then promptly mocking it with all we had. We look forward to doing more of that.

So, we want
more. We
want you guys lobbing questions our way, and we ain’t picky. You want to find
out why I’m not exactly gay, but I wouldn’t say no to Rufus Wainwright? Call us up and ask. You want to
know why Justin keeps making monthly flights to small Central American countries? Call us up and ask. You want to
know why, Steve Murphy, why? Here’s a number….get in line. We want to devote a crapload of time in our next couple of podcasts to responding to your input. And the way that you
make that happen is by calling us at 1-678-827-0940, where you have a 3
minute recording window to leave us a voicemail for the ages, and hopefully one
with a question or comment for us to devour.

The more you give us, the quicker we record, and we all win. Blow the fuck up out of our voicemail inbox.