At A Funeral
is the latest film from Frank Oz, who has a decent bit to answer for due to 2004’s criminally unfunny, ungood, and unwatchable The Stepford Wives. But try not to hold that against him too much. The guy’s giving us a well-reviewed comedy here, and he’s working with a supersharp Brit cast toplined by Alan Tudyk, Matthew Macfadyen, and the mighty Peter Dinklage.

Let me repeat that.


Now clean yourself up and pay attention.

We have passes for four Southern
metropolii for readers who follow the rules to the contest and
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Using the correct link below and including your mailing addy (except for Atlanta peeps, who I will meet and break off at the theater. Maybe I’ll follow you home. Who knows?), tell me what song you want played at your funeral. Oh, and it has to be a song from one of the following artists:

Gerardo (and it can’t be "Rico Suave"). Dimmu Borgir. Skee-Lo. Nu Shooz. Eddie Money.

Good luck!

Update: Fuck Eddie Money. I’m tired of every entry having one of his songs. It’s either got to be one of the above or one of the following: Rick Astley. Elvis Hitler. Biohazard. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam.

Sending me an Eddie Money song title will now disqualify you for this pass.