It’s kind of hilarious that these 22 seconds are the clip that some intern cut out, some PR person approved, and some publicist arranged to appear online as a marketing technique for Aftershock. It’s an unflattering bite-sized chunk of neon chaos, but it does have an impressively dense assortment of people crushings going for it. Ultimately it’s just kind of silly and (unintentionally?) funny out of context.

Poor choice though it may be, I have no reason to think this actually reflects one way or another on the quality of the Eli Roth-starring, written, and produced disaster film from Chilean director Nicolas Lopez, but we’ll soon find out as the film debuts tonight at TIFF.

The film has US distribution and features Selena Gomez, Andrea Osvárt, Ariel Levy, Nicolás Martínez, Lorenza Izzo, and Natasha Yarovenko. Keep an eye on twitter around 2am tonight if you’d like to catch the film’s early buzz.

Source | Collider