Holy Christ on Oprah, if this ain’t the most mindblowingly awesome poster I’ve seen in years! If only I had any confidence in director Hyung-rae Shim delivering the goods. I mean, if the movie is a quarter as astounding as the above image, it’d still my number one must-see of Summer 2007. My sweet lord! I think I’m going to wallpaper my bedroom with this poster!

Up until now, I’ve only heard rumblings here and there about D-War (short for "Dragon War"). Budgeted at $32 million, it’s scheduled to open in the U.S. this August, and, to better entice American viewers, it stars familiar English-speaking thesps like… Jason Behr and Robert Forster. Look, there’ll be time to tear this sucker down when it finally gets released. For now, let’s just glory in the stupid excess of a giant serpent coiling around a skyscraper. Here’s another, moodier poster that I’ll use to wallpaper the guest room.