Bradford seems like a pretty solid actor, so I’ll spare him any further snark regarding his involvement with Swimfan, easily the most laughable high school-set thriller since Judgment at Nuremberg. Actually, I thought the kid might’ve had a shot at stardom following his appealing performance in Peyton Reed’s Bring It On, but, aside from Flags of Our Fathers and Happy Endings, he’s been stuck in unpromising Asian genre remakes.

That’s not a bad thing for your bank account. Roy Lee remakes a lot of Asian movies, so, provided he doesn’t piss off the Vertigo Entertainment honcho, Bradford should carve out a long, steady career in films no one under the age of twenty-five will ever want to see. The latest of these is The Echo, which is an Americanized version Sigsaw, a Filipino horror flick about an ex-con who sets up shop in an old apartment complex only to learn that his police officer neighbor has a penchant for beating the snot out of his wife and kid. When the conscience-stricken ex-con decides to take action against the husband, he "becomes trapped in a curse". This is why I never bother with that Good Samaritan horseshit.

Bradford will play the ex-con, while the other cast members have yet to be rounded up. I wonder what Erika Christensen is up to (besides auditing sessions at the Celebrity Center). Screenwriter Eric Bernt, whose filmography inspires nothing but dread (Virtuosity, Romeo Must Die and The Hitcher remake), will handle the adaptation, while Yam Laranas, the director of the original Sigsaw, will redo his own movie. Welcome to Hollywood, Yam!