With Nolan┬árevolutionizing┬áthe use of the 70mm format in blockbuster filmmaking and Hollywood tearing into premium experiences for every movie they can cram on the screens, it’s easy to forget what kept 3D and IMAX going for so many years when neither was en vogue for tentpoles: cheesy-ass documentaries about cool nature stuff!

Another nature doc taking it back to the days of dinosaurs, space shuttles, and elephants tromping around on IMAX screens, Flight Of The Butterflies documents the decades of work of Dr. Fred Urquhart to track the migration of monarch butterflies, culminating in his discovery of their winter destination. The extended trailer above promises just the kind of cheesy narration and dramatizations you’ll remember from your school field trip days, but all mixed in with stunning images of millions of migrating monarchs. It’s a shame CGI is such a thing, as it’s hard for my eyes to even believe a lot of these images! I can only imagine how stunning this all looks in 3D at the size of a football field.

There’s also an HD trailer on Yahoo that condenses the above trailer down some.

Give it a look and get the kids together, as the film hits theaters October 4th. Follow the film on Facebook.

via /Film