Iron Man 2 gets a fair amount of hate around these parts, deservedly. But Thor gives it a run for its money as far as middling Marvel efforts go. The film’s grown on me thanks in no small part to Chris Hemsworth’s effective turn as the God of Thunder. It just never gels as it should, and Loki’s motivations as a villain are never fleshed out. For me, Thor‘s most deflating aspect is in its inability to top the Frost Giant battle in the first act. Everything afterward feels small scale in light of that epic sequence.

That’s why a calming sense of reassurance washes over me when I look at these set photos from Thor: The Dark World‘s Bourne Woods, Surrey set. This is pretty elaborate ground to cover in day one of principal photography and I’m loving the high-scale destruction director Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) appears to be presiding over. It’s safe to assume this is Asgard we’re seeing, as it appears to have injected a sizable amount of that “Viking influence” Chris Hemsworth’s hinted at.  But beyond that I’m not familiar enough with the source material to determine what specifically we might be looking at. It certainly doesn’t look good for Thor and his peoples.

Let’s get to speculatin’ in the comments section below. But not before taking a moment to appreciate Jaimie Alexander wielding a sword, as it appears Hemsworth might have the exact same idea:

Source: The Daily Mail