Utinsels.With Hostel’s "not quite what we expected" performance this weekend (Dellamorte explains), I’ve heard such talk as this: bloviation that Hostel II‘s opening return is an indicator of big opening horror having run its course. Will 2006/2007 mark the high in horror until the next Scream makes it fashionable again? Or is it all just a bunch of speculation way too early in the game, based on a bunch of factors out of Hostel II‘s control?

If there’s a current horror staple that might act as barometer in measuring the trended fate of mainstream horror, it’s Saw 4 (which, incidentally, just finished shooting and is coasting nicely along to editing) Sticking with the tried and true formula of releasing roundabout Halloween, there’s not many outliers (barring audience fill of the franchise or its own failure as a film) to see where the money may be trending with banner horror. Still, there’s a litany of factors involved in success or failure, so I’m just hedging. No pressure, Saw.

In the mean time, let’s not trifle ourselves with the dour stuff. Can’t we simply enjoy what’s always a beautifully grisly pleasure to behold: Saw (4) teaser art.

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