There’s something imminently reassuring about having a new Shawn Ryan show debuting this fall. No show has ever gotten my adrenaline pumping like The Shield; and few writers are able to equal orders of tension and machismo quite like my fellow Rockford, IL native.

Ryan’s been busy, having developed both The Unit at CBS and The Chicago Code at FOX in recent years. Where those shows never lived up to Shield, I have higher hopes for Last Resort. The premise is intriguing: Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman are rogue naval officers who defy an order to fire missiles on Pakistan. Setting up refuge on the island of Sainte Marina, they’re armed submarine is now the only thing between these enemies of the state and the United States government.

The show premieres 8PM-ET September, 27th on ABC. But they’re letting us see the pilot a few weeks early to help spread word of mouth (embedded below in its entirety). What do you think? Are we looking at the next LOST or another Off the Map? ABC’s banking on the former, and hoping you forget about the latter:

Source: Collider