Special thanks to dude hallenbeck from the B-Action Thread for bringing this to my attention.

The next most anticipated movie of the year for me (well, after seeing that Drafthouse trailer for The Master, and Django Unchained, third most anticipated.) is the next entry in the “King of quality DTV” franchise that is the Universal Soldier films. It streets on VOD October 25th, and will be in limited run theaters November 30th. Here’s the latest poster for it, and it certainly is the best one thus far.

I love this new poster just for looking like the cover to a graphic novel.

The latest entry in the Universal Soldier franchise has a plot that is still under wraps, but what we know is that Jean-Claude Van Damme aka Luc Devereaux has possibly gone totally insane, and it’s up to Scott Adkins to terminate him with extreme prejudice. Dolph Lundgren is also in it, and judging from the trailer, he’s “the spiritual leader” of the group, and not a guy who says “Zap ‘em with your siren, man!”

source: JoBlo