Title of Film Gross of Film Per Screen Totale
1 Ocean’s Thirteen $37,080,000 $10,401 $37,080,000
2 Pirates! Caribbean! World! End! $21,316,000 (-51.8%) $5,326 $253,614,000
3 Knocked Up $20,017,000 (-34.8%) $6,960 $66,241,000
4 Surf’s Up $18,000,000 $5,102 $18,000,000
5 Shrek the Third $15,750,000 (-43.8%) $4,012 $281,892,000
6 Hostel: Part II $8,750,000 $3,723 $8,750,000
7 Mr. Brooks $5,000,000 (-50.1%) $2,038 $18,682,000
8 Spider-Man 3 $4,400,000 (-41.9%) $1,712 $325,680,000
9 Waitress $1,650,000 (-18%) $2,330 $12,016,000
10 Disturbia $555,000 (-50.6%) $968 $77,795,000

As Devin Faraci put it, Ocean’s Thirteen has heisted America’s heart. At least this weekend. Though the road to 100 million dollars will be long, the awesome star power of Carl Reiner, Eddie Jemison, and Shaobo Qin erased the sins of Ocean’s Twelve. Or maybe it was the lack of Julia Roberts. Dunno. Quick question: who are the two extra people who make up the thirteen? Eddie Izzard and (CAMEO TO BE SPOILED BY SOME ASSHOLE LATER)? One of the mysteries of the world, that. But with so much competition, at least they got the weekend. This wasn’t a cheap movie, so it will likely make up its money with ancillaries. But at least it doesn’t look like a failure (and it isn’t, it’s just going to be modestly profitable), so everyone wins.

Pirates took another big hit, falling off more than 50%. Will it make it to 300 million? Maybe, but probably not. Pirates is going to really start losing screens next week, and when Pixars next one hits, shit’s over. In fact, with Shrek also taking a nose dive, Spider-Man 3 is looking to be the big winner of the May tentpoles. Shrek should clear the three mark, but only just.

The big winner this week is Knocked Up. Having doubled its production budget and only taking a 35% hit, 100 is all but assured, especially if it continues its solid weekday business. 150 is out of the question, but it should outdo The 40-Year-Old Virgin’s 109 mil. And the actuals will likely put it ahead of Pirates come Monday afternoon, if last Sunday’s numbers are any indication. Camp Apatow has got to be happy, and Superbad may be boosted by this. Next year already has two Apatow projects on deck, so it will be interesting to see if he continues his streak both fiscally and artistically.

The Surf may be Up but this joke is too stupid to make. People didn’t care, even though it was fresh meat for teething toddlers. Come Ratatouille, it will be gone. Forgotten. Washed Up. Wiped Out. Sucking cock in West Hollywood to make rent. Then joining rehab to clean up, only to turn its whole ordeal in an Oprah book club selection come 2011.

Waitress is the indie hit of the summer, though #12 Once may eventually challenge that. Next week, if it gets more screens, Once has a shot of cracking the top ten, seeing as how Disturbia did just over a half a million and snuck in.

Mr. Brooks is doing well for what it is, and Spider-Man 3 is Spider-Done.

Oh yeah, Hostel. Part II and shit. The original was opened in an off season, and this one hit in the crowdedest time of the year. Though it will provide an ROI, the opening was not all that strong. To the "Blame the Internet" poles, Robin! In some ways the face-saving has already happened, and though getting to 20 might just be out of the question, it will still make its money back. Especially when the unrated DVD hits. But as Roth implied before any of this ever happened, the franchise is dead anyway.

Next week features a Silver Surfer who’s going to wipe out everything else. And Dave Davis’s favorite movie of the summer Nancy Drew.