I’ve been curious to see The Ten for a while — it’s Wet Hot American Summer / The State‘s David Wain basically giving the finger to Kieslowski for nintety minutes by making loosely connected comedy sketches based (sorta) on the Ten Commandments. Even if the title reminds me too much of that horrible pre-show ‘entertainment’ The Twenty at Regal Cinemas, I’m pretty much chomping at the bit to see this.

This trailer gave me more hope for life than the letter
I got last week giving the go-ahead to my kidney transplant.
Specifically, Famke Janssen implies that a relationship with a guy
didn’t work out because his penis was too big. Hallelujah!

The trailer shows off the breadth of absurdity on display — everything from tired prison rape jokes featuring Rob Corddry to Winona Ryder admitting the state of her career to a ventriloquist’s dummy. It’s all narrated by genial fellow Paul Rudd, with the funniest cast run-down I’ve seen in a trailer.

Click here to hit The Ten’s official site for the trailer and more details.

The film opens August 7th.