“Can I get a SUUUUU? Hitchcock on the swarm!”

You’ve probably seen your fair share of cocks if you watch enough HBO, but you’ve not seen a ‘cock like this on the network yet…

Sliding out well before the Anthony Hopkins feature film also fixated on the master director, The Girl is an HBO film specifically about the making of The Birds, and more specifically the creepy, borderline-abusive relationship between the film’s director and star. Tippi Hedren is played here by Sienna Miller, while Toby Jones dons an off-putting if relatively accurate make-up job to play the bulbous filmmaker, Alfred Hitchock. His accent requires some getting used to, but ultimately I have no doubt it will be a compelling performance. He’s definitely got being pervy-creepy-as-fuck down pat.

Film geeks should have a lot of fun with this one, as this particular production and relationship has become the stuff of filmmaking legend. The film airs on HBO October 20th.

via Collider