At this point I think I’m more interested in a movie about the behind the scenes dealings on The Invasion, Warner Bros’ updating of Invasion of the Body Snatchers than the actual film being released; original director Oliver Hirschbiegel didn’t make the studio happy with his talky take, and when he wouldn’t make changes producer Joel Silver brought in the Siblings Wachowski to pump things up a bit. I don’t know how much they reshot, but I am pretty sure you can see some of their work in this new trailer, which debuted on MovieFone – the shot of the crowd of Body Snatched on Nicole Kidman’s car looks like their handiwork.

This teaser gives some hint at the tone and mood of the film, which is interesting, but the action takes me out of it, and I have a bad feeling that this movie is going to be much, much less than the sum of its disparate parts.

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