Lurker Films
More contests! Just you try and escape our generosity.

A little while ago, I got the chance to review this great disc from Lurker Films’ HP Lovecraft collection. The company’s doing such a great job of promoting films from weird masters; we just had to get in on that. The fine folks over there have offered to donate Lovecraft/Poe T-shirts and posters to you Chewers, with one extraordinarily lucky reader receiving all four of the released DVD volumes in their HP Lovecraft collection, including: Cool Air, Rough Magik, Out of Mind, and Pickman’s Model.

To enter, simply answer the following questions and send them in an e-mail to with the subject "LURKER". Please remember to include your mailing address. We’ll pick as many winners as we have prizes for!

Face those horrors your mind can enfold and answer:

Eduction Level:
Had you heard of Lurker Films before? Where?
What horror sites do you visit?
What’s your favorite Lovecraft story?
What’s your favorite Lovecraft film adaptation?

Good luck, you brave, brave souls.