Welcome back, Chewers.

The holidays are a time of stress, a time of joy, and a time of dealing with copious amounts of superficial thrills and emotional warmth. It’s so freakin’ deep. The duality is incredible!

Seriously, I hope that you all had a great time and to the few of you that had really rough stuff go down during the holidays, I wish you the best and hope that good times are right around the corner. I missed you guys.

This place was a ghost town (copyright Harry Knowles) over the holidays, and even though most of the readers were tucked away with sugar plums dancing in their heads we cranked out more content than ever while you were away. All of our 2004 lists are up (check the nifty little bar right above this article), an amazing array of DVD reviews went up, the Special Edition column came back in a big way, and we only missed one day of daily RON in the process. Folks, I really hope you’re starting to get into that strip. We are having so much fun doing it.

So, make sure to check the archives for a bunch of stuff you missed. We didn’t slack off during the break. Not hardly. And there’s a lot more coming. Devin’s new column, The Prognosticator, should arrive today. This evening harkens the 100th Steady Leak article. I have majestic reviews of Catwoman and Las Vegas: The First Season reviews a day or so away, Will Mason has a gigantic summary of the first season of the OC, and Russ Fischer starts his weekly CHUD.com duty this month. Good stuff.

With that said, we need to catch our breath too, so dig into those archives and catch up on the message board drama. There’s no shortage.

Thanks for reading!