Looks like JJ Abrams will boldly take Star Trek where no title in the franchise has gone before: into phrasal transitive verb territory.

Word from ComingSoon is that their source has revealed Star Trek Into Darkness (suppress your Rick James voice) as the title of the blockbuster sequel, a choice corroborated by some anonymous registering of domains like http://www.startrekintodarkness/.

So yeah, that’s about it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new (not entirely confirmed) title in the comments below. Frankly I think it’s awkward, on-the-nose, and kind of dumb, but maybe I’ll come around. Star Trek Into Shadow would have worked better from where I sit- it sounds less like Star Trek Into Gritty Realism And Edgy Stuff, Ya’ll.

In less irritating news, Google has put together an awesome tribute to Gene Rodenberry as their Doodle today. Check it out on the Google search page today, or find it in the Doodle archive

It features a short little adventure featuring some costumed letters, including a nervous red-shirted “e”. There’s a gorn, some transporting, and even an easter egg if you click in the right place…