The drafthouse just sent over this cool new sneak preview of The Master, which Paul Thomas Anderson cut himself for the Alamo folks. It’s to promote a screening as the Ritz on Monday, which is all going to benefit Martin Scorsese’s film preservation foundation (hence the $25 tickets).

The amount of “fuck you” vibes I’ll be willing towards the Drafthouse on Monday might very well be enough to cause an entire auditorium of nosebleeds, my excitement for this film is so on edge at this point. That said, I haven’t heard of any spontaneous aneurysms in Toronto, so maybe my powers to remotely hate aren’t as potent as I thought. Still, even if I dont’ get to see the film early with all those lucky fucks in Austin, at least we all get another awesome litte (seemingly un-color-corrected) teaser out of it. It’s just a glimpse of a single scene, but it’s hilarious and NSFW- definitely┬áthe right vibe for the Drafthouse. Take a look…

If you’re in Austin and can hit that screening on Monday night, get your tickets here.

Source | Badass Digest