“I thought we’d be safe forever. But forever isn’t as long as I’d hoped.”

It’s almost that time of year, friends. Vampires, werewolves, sparkles, estrogen; they all come together for the release of a new Twilight film - Breaking Dawn Part 2. In past efforts we learned Bella was incapable of anything without a man by her side. Now that she’s dead she’s jumping off cliffs, fighting cougars and living out whatever other backwoods fantasies Stephanie Meyer was able to conjure up in that beady, Mormon head of hers. If only she could have conjured up a decent writer and had that person write these heinous books.

If you watched the VMAs, gross. If not, then this will surely be your first glimpse at the new trailer. I can’t imagine Part 2 being as awesomely insane as the previous entry, the one where a fetus breaks its mother’s back from inside the womb. But here’s hoping:

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Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 poops its way into theatres November 16th, 2012.