It was a simultaneously exciting and disappointing thing to be able to report on Joe Carnahan’s release of his Daredevil pitch reel last month, as it meant an interesting project was down the tubes but that Carnahan’s own bravery and accessibility meant we would be able to see a portion of the process we rarely get a glimpse of. While the stunt is something Carnahan is already repeating, it looks like he’s inspired another filmmaker to do the same, as /Film has gotten ahold of Kevin Tancharoen’s pitch reel for Hunger Games.

You might know Tancharoen’s name from his super-duper viral Mortal Kombat: Rebirth¬†video –a spec pitch reel in and of itself– which landed him the gig directing WB’s web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy (which, frankly, I couldn’t bring myself to finish), and has reportedly earned him the gig of rebooting the film franchise (which I have much higher hopes for than the budget-restrained web series). That didn’t stop the director for going out for the coveted Hunger Games director’s chair though, and producing his own pitch reel to help him do so.

Like Joe Carnahan’s supah-fly Daredevil reel, this is a piece assembled from dozens of other films, using an extra layer of color correction, music, and editing rhythm to cohere all these disparate elements into something illustrative of the tone Tancharoen would have sought for Hunger Games. It’s a pretty epic spec trailer, and were this a fan-uploaded YouTube piece, I’d be impressed with its sophistication. It’s definitely grittier than Gary Ross’ poorly shot shit-show turned out to be, though averaging out all these blockbuster effects shots and action movie platitudes makes it tough to sell a unique vision. That said, I think we can all see what Tancharoen was going for here, whether you’d want to see that Hunger Games or not.

And hey, points for getting Rue right!

There’s a brief interview with the director back at /Film,¬†so check that out if you want to learn a little more about the evolution of the Hollywood pitch.