This trailer has been making the rounds for a while, but I wanted to make sure I caught up with it, as it looks pretty intriguing. Not everyone digs on Marion Cotillard’s hostile femininity, but I think she’s as professionally gifted as she is beautiful, and the concept of Rust & Bone looks like it might exploit her talents perfectly. Pairing her with the thunderously talented Matthias Schoenaesrts of Bullhead (a stunning film far too few people have seen) simply means I’ll kick children and animals┬áto see the film, as opposed to only punting tikes to get through the door.

Check out the trailer, which sets up a love story between a man and woman when the latter finds her volatile, impetuous lifestyle suddenly constrained by an accident that leaves her unable to walk. Be warned- the trailer treads close to being NSFW, which is to say it’s European.

The film played well at Cannes, and Sony Classics will get out in the states on November 16th (thanks to Will Coffey for pointing me towards that info). There’s been ample Oscar talk surrounding Cotillard since its debut, so expect Sony to push it.