Eli Roth has spent the better part of the last few years darting around the world and producing his pants off. From domestic exorcism films to Kung Fu flicks in Hong Kong with rap masters to Chilean horror movies from upstart talents, he’s been doing the kind of good pay-it-forward work that heals my heart after the bruising he kicked into it with his acting in Death Proof.

I (mostly) keed, but needless to say the dudes been a producing machine and we’re rounding out almost half a decade of post-Hostel Roth without the guy directing again. I’m sure Green Inferno come together, but until then you can add another producing project to the slate and this time it’s with horror wunderkind Ti West.

Roth will be bringing West to my neck of the woods –Georgia– to film The Sacrament, a secretive horror project that Roth says will push West’s work in front a whole lot more eyeballs without neutering his edge.

“We want to make this Ti’s first mainstream movie, without sacrificing the quality and unflinching horror of the subject matter.”

I’m still in a holding pattern on forming an opinion of West, as I’ve only seen House of the Devil (which I’m not so sweet on), while The Innkeepers and his V/H/S segment supposedly represent big steps forward.

The film starts shooting soon, so it won’t be too long till we get an idea what it’s all about. In the meantime, we’ve got Aftershock debuting at TIFF soon and The Man With The Iron Fists hitting theaters November 2nd.

Source | Variety (via /Film)