Aside from popping in to steal the show in Toy Story 3, The Other Guys, or 30 Rock‘s 100th episode, Michael Keaton’s been a hard man to find these last few years. But it would seem Keaton is ready to return to the scene in a big way. Not only is he playing the heavy in the Robocop remake, he’ll be returning to the director’s chair for Buttercup.

Variety reports Keaton is attached to direct the indie dramedy about “an adult woman who is forced to assume responsibility for her elderly father after he is arrested for drunk driving again.” The title comes from the father’s nickname for the daughter. Jennifer Aniston was attached to star at one point but has since fallen by the wayside. I think Keaton playing the father is a safe assumption, but little else is know cast-wise. This is actually Keaton’s second directorial effort, having made The Merry Gentleman back in ’08.

Dude’s output has been spotty these last 15 years or so, so anything that helps bring Mr. Mom back into the conversation is a good thing. It’s been 14 years since Keaton was the star of a wide release, a fact that becomes even more depressing when you realize that release was Jack Frost. A great performer that’s been content to keep a low profile, hopefully Robocop and Buttercup are signs there’s more to come from the once and future Batman*.

*Keaton for The Dark Knight Returns in 2020. Let’s make it happen.