all the talk, all the rumors, all the hopes, Sean Connery has come out and said he will not be appearing in Indiana Jones IV. In a press release, Connery says:

"I get asked the question so often, I thought it best to make an announcement. I thought long and hard about it and if anything could have pulled me out of retirement it would have been an Indiana Jones film. I love working with Steven and George, and it goes without saying that it is an honor to have Harrison as my son. But in the end, retirement is just too damned much fun. I, do however, have one bit of advice for Junior: Demand that the critters be digital, the cliffs be low, and for goodness sake keep that whip by your side at all times in case you need to escape from the stunt coordinator! This is a remarkable cast, and I can only say, ‘Break a leg, everyone.’ I’ll see you on May 22, 2008 at the theater!"

Maybe this is just a brilliant bit of misdirection and Connery will end up in a cameo. If not, his final motion picture will probably be League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and while that movie was incredibly unpleasant for all of you to sit through, I understand it was even worse to make.

In that same press release Paramount announced that John Hurt has joined the cast. I don’t know what role he’s playing, but I’m going to try and find out in the near future. With him, Ray Winstone and Cate Blanchett, Indiana Jones IV may be many things, but one of them isn’t poorly cast.