Check out this delightfully nasty poster for Sinister. I like that the different elements hit you one-by-one as you stare at it…

At SXSW earlier this year, the Ethan Hawke horror film earned a response with an impressively high dynamic range- people were scared shitless and completely nonplussed in seemingly equal measure. The trailer is certainly effective, if formulaic to an extreme.

The film is relying on early TUGG screenings to bring this film to the public eye with some buzz before its October 5th release, and is offering an incentive in the form of posters for all attendees at pre-screenings with enough people. If you’re not familiar with TUGG by this point, it’s essentially an on-demand system for theaters, by which you can schedule any movie in their catalogue at a participating theatre with enough ticket pre-sales.

If you’re interested in such a thing happening near you, check out

Here’s another poster for the film, which is also quite nice.