Sometimes you’ll look back at a movie that’s a few years old and have a real head-thumping moment of realization. Like, in 2001 I saw Jump, Tomorrow which at the time was a well-written, slightly too self-aware indie in the same mold as so many other well-written, self-aware indies.

Now I look at it and think, christ, how weird that it stars the lead singer of TV On The Radio. That actually makes me want to watch it again, because I now have such a different context for Tunde Adebimpe; he’s not just another indie actor anymore.

That’s never going to happen, though, with Jump director Joel Hopkins’ new film Last Chance Harvey. Mostly because the stars aren’t Lovefoxx from CSS and Craig Finn from the Hold Steady, but Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman. Hopkins’ script has Hoffman as a man down on his luck finds an unlikely female companion while in London attending his daughter’s wedding, according to the thoroughly researched folks at Variety. If Thompson doesn’t have Tourette’s or Downs or something and is, instead, just a regular Englishwoman, I’m not sure I’ll make it through to the third act.