hardest part of writing this article was deciding whether it should be illustrated with Mischa Barton or the babes from t.A.T.u.* As I don’t find Barton’s skeletal physique all that appealing, I have gone with the faux-sapphic duo, who I do find so, so appealing.

Barton is going to star in Finding t.A.T.u., which is filming in Moscow this month. It’s described as a coming of age film about ‘a lonely American teenager in Moscow who becomes friends with a local girl over their shared obsession with pop band t.A.T.u.’

The film is being directed by Roland Joffe, who had a good run in the 80s with The Killing Fields, The Mission and Fat Man and Little Boy, and then somehow got roped into being the uncredited director (according to IMDB) of Super Mario Bros. Huh?

Finding t.A.T.u. is based on the Russian novel t.A.T.u come back. I have not read it, but if the lonely American girl and the local Russian girl don’t get it on, I can’t imagine a reason for making this movie.

*If Dave Davis was still here he would have run pictures of both.