Anna Faris is hot enough that I’d typically be happy to run two stories in a day about her onscreen antics. But if you thought the Playboy bunny/sororoty house/inspirational flick Micah wrote about this morning sounded like horseshit, it’ll seem like a rose-scented blast of fresh air compared to what Cinematical is reporting. Namely, that Faris and Justin Long and a bunch of other dorks might just make Waiting 2.

Alanna Ulbach was quoted at the MTV Movie Awards saying that the plot is as follows: the restaurant (Shenaniganz) is stil open, but going through really hard times and the waiters must band together to save it. And I know that story is going to play like total bullshit, because I have way too many friends who work at restaraunts (nice places, too) and there’s not a one of them that would piss on their place if it was on fire, unless they happened to be passing streams of kerosene that day.

Andy Milonakis also flapped his lips a bit about the cast. I think most people are coming back at least for cameos. Everybody but Ryan is doing at least a cameo. Hey hey, Ryan Reynolds turned his nose up at this one, but Justin Long supposedly didn’t? What’s that say about Die Hard 4? I could tell you a few things about Die Hard, actually, but Fox would have my nuts, and I like them where they are.