After quite the awards turn and commercial success of The Descendants, Alexander Payne is going back to his roadtrip roots ca. Sideways with a small indie comedy called Nebraska. With location scouting and extra casting currently taking place in… wait for it… Nebraska, where production will take place, we’re getting word of new cast members that may join leads Bruce Dern and Will Arnette.

The story revolves around a father (Dern) and his son (Arnette) presumably hammering out some issues with papa’s alcoholism as they take a road trip to collect a $1m Publisher’s Clearing House prize that the old man is under the impression he’s won. The film will be in black and white and is being made on a relatively low budget, but that won’t stop Payne from including another great pair of actors in the cast- word is that Bob Odenkirk and Stacey Keach have joined on.

Odenkirk is on quite the high right now, as he plays a pivotal, hilarious role on the hit show Breaking Bad, as everyone’s favorite slimy ambulance-chaser, Saul. His character is so beloved that show creator Vince Gilligan has brought up the possibility of a spin-off with a straight face. Stacey Keach is obviously Stacey Mafucking Keach, who was last seen in The Bourne Legacy. The two will play Will Arnette’s brother and Bruce Dern’s friend, respectively. Jane Squibb (About Schmidt) is also in talks.

The film begins shooting in a month and a half, so a few more names may be on the way.


Source | Film Stage