15 sees the arrival of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,
which I find myself anticipating moreso than any of the remaining blockbusters
this summer despite me hating the first film. All the previews thus far have surprised
me in the best way possible, and now with less than two weeks to go before the
film’s arrival, Fox busted out a lengthy new trailer/TV spot that builds upon
the expanded scope of the last one, but with small comedic dialogue beats and
crazy effects galore.

the beats kinda fall flat out of context (Hell, maybe they do within context
too and I’m getting all jazzed up over nothing), but I understand why they’d be
in there. What’s even weirder is that they seem to focus more than anything
else on the newly added plot of them switching powers. In the last trailer,
there was a bit of dialogue explaining that the Surfer’s touch alters their
molecules so that their powers were unstable, and we got a bit of slapstick
watching the Human Torch and The Thing switch powers. From the looks of this
new spot, however, the whole team is in on it, so we get a flaming, flying Sue
Richards along with more of a Super-Skrull-esque Johnny Storm using the powers
of the entire team simultaneously. Silly, but so perfect for this film.

trailer’s not up in any sort of official way, but there’s a rip of it from a
commercial break during Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance in
YouTube format waiting for you when you click right here. Enjoy.