Rotten at Shock Til You Drop has gotten the big scoop on what Tobe Hooper’s next film will be – and it sounds like the guy might be making a movie worth seeing (which is quite the opposite from his utterly craptastic Masters of Horror episodes). The film is called Training Camp, and here’s the summary Shock has:

Eight backpackers traveling abroad along Silk Road lose their mode of transportation via an avalanche. Seeking a nearby town they stumble upon a desolate Al Qaeda training camp and discover plans for the destruction of several U.S. cities, unbeknownst to them Los Angeles has already suffered a dirty bomb attack. They make off with the plans and are subsequently hunted down by the Al Qaeda members eager to get their information back.

That’s a killer and timely thriller concept, and it fits into the gritty survival horror type that’s been popular for a while and that Hooper helped pioneer with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

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